STAR Pass program

The State Agency Rider (STAR) Pass entitles you to unlimited fare-free rides on any Intercity Transit, Mason Transit and Grays Harbor Transit bus, including dial-a-lift service. It may be used for any personal or work-related travel purpose. Your state-issued ID badge becomes your pass once the STAR Pass sticker is affixed to it. If your agency doesn’t issue photo ID badges, you can request one by contacting your STAR Pass coordinator.

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How does the state benefit from the STAR Pass?

By providing fare-free transit to employees, the STAR Pass supports the state’s commitment to commute trip reduction by providing an alternate commute option to its employees. This results in reduced congestion on our roads and cleaner air and water in our communities.

I live and commute from Pierce County. Can I use a STAR Pass?

As long as your official work station is in Thurston, Mason, or Grays Harbor counties, you meet the eligibility requirements.

My agency provides CTR subsidies and incentives. Can I still collect those for riding my bike, walking or riding the bus?

Each state agency has their own policy for subsidies and incentives. Please check with your employee transportation coordinator to see which incentives and subsidies are available to you.

When does my STAR Pass expire?

Your STAR Pass will be valid through at least until June 30, 2019; or until you leave state government or transfer to another agency and/or county.


I’m transferring to another state agency. Can I keep my pass?

No. You must turn in your STAR Pass to your coordinator and request a new one from your new agency.


What if my badge is lost or stolen?

Report it to your STAR Pass coordinator. If you receive a replacement and your other pass is found, return the original pass to your coordinator.


What does the STAR Pass cost my agency?

Passes are funded through the State Agency CTR program. There is no cost to your agency.


What if an employee requests a pass but doesn’t use it? Isn’t that a waste of state funds?

The state contracts directly with transit agencies. Contract amounts are based on the number of transit trips made using the STAR Pass rather than the number of passes distributed.


Are passes transferable? Can I loan them to a family member or coworker?

The pass is not transferable and only the employee whose photo appears on the badge can use it.


Are part-time state employees eligible for the STAR Pass?

Eligible state employees are defined as individuals who receive compensation and benefits (insurance, paid holidays, and paid leave) from a state agency. This includes part-time, seasonal, and temporary employees. Commission and board members, volunteers, and contractors are not eligible. In addition, higher-education employees are excluded.


Is there a cap or a limit on the STAR Pass?

No. The STAR Pass provides unlimited use. Use it as much as you’d like!


Additional information

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For more information about the program or how to get a STAR Pass: contact your empoyee transportation coordinator.


Not sure who your coordinator is? Send an email to:

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