Employee Transportation Coordinators

The State Agency Commute Trip Reduction Program (CTR) provides support and assistance to state worksites that are required by law to develop and implement CTR programs.

CTR program guidelines

The state acknowledges the importance of agency autonomy and recognizes that a single CTR program designed for all agencies or worksites is not possible. However, to ensure consistency among the policies that support state agency CTR programs, the Interagency CTR Board has adopted guidelines for agencies to follow as they develop their CTR policies and programs. Agency CTR policies must be designed to achieve the goals of CTR as well as accommodating the unique requirements of the agency.

The following documents are available as PDFs unless otherwise specified:

CTR program guidance

To receive assistance on specific issues or questions about the state agency CTR program, e-mail to: StateAgencyCTR@wsdot.wa.gov.  


Other resources

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